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My name is Trina Wiggins, and I am originally from Oakland, CA. I received my BA degree in human biology from Stanford University and my MD degree from Washington University School of Medicine. After finishing medical school, I completed my residency in pediatrics at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. I am married to Dr. Carl Allen, and I am a proud mother of three children and one grandchild.

I currently practice medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am also a professional fitness competitor, wellness coach, author, and professional speaker. My mission is to inspire others to move towards a healthy lifestyle.

I have spent years sharing medical advice and real-life tips with anyone who might be listening. I am the CEO and Founder of Opt2bFit, a fitness, and nutrition program for children. It incorporates fun and creative movement consisting of cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and nutritional guidance. 

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Fitness Professional

As a Pediatrician, Wellness Coach, Fitness Competitor, and Senior Olympian, I have always maintained a very active lifestyle. Years ago, I decided that my mission would be to create a sustainable environment conducive to fitness and wellness.
I have spent my entire career motivating and inspiring those around me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. As a fitness competitor, I know the dedication involved in sustaining healthy habits. Moreover, as a physician and parent, I understand the struggles families face to maintain daily healthy habits. These struggles have motivated me to create a platform to help others begin their health journey.
Even with just a few minutes each day, it is possible to improve your health, mood, and physical condition. I hope that my passion for health and wellness will excite and persuade you to take the first step towards better health.
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-Dr. Trina Wiggins

woman using dumbbells

Founder of Opt2BFit

As a Pediatrician, I spent many days educating my patients about healthy habits inside my office. After many years, I decided to step outside the office and create Opt2bfit Kidz, a program that not only taught healthy living but demonstrated it as well.
Opt2bfit Kidz incorporated fun and creative movement that consisted of cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. Some of the activities included obstacle courses with and without the use of fitness equipment. I integrated calisthenics into simple dance routines that encompassed both cardio and strength. This program was easily replicated and required no equipment. We finished with nutritional chat sessions, and games focused on proper nutrients, label reading, and portion control. Portion Control Bingo and Heart Attack were some games we used to teach children about healthy behaviors in a fun and exciting way. Opt2bfit Kidz was effective in teaching and demonstrating how to lead a healthy lifestyle.