Stanford University PLANET CARDINAL Flippin’ Awesome Pediatrician Trina Wiggins, 47, stays in practice with fitness contests.

People who've never been to a Ms. Fitness competition can watch one of Trina Wiggins's performances in a video at YouTube.

The rigorous floor exercise routine seems effortless for Wiggins, a 47-year-old pediatrician, the mother of 14-year-old twin sons and the step-grandmother of a 2-year-old. In a white mini flapper dress and a Tina Turner wig, she waits for her music cue and then approaches three white-painted steps.

To the pulsing strains of “Proud Mary,” she flings away most of the dress to reveal a fringed white bikini, and does a handstand into a straddle hold, using the steps as her pommel horse. In the next two minutes, she performs Chinese splits, one-handed push-ups, and runs of handstands, handsprings and backflips at a pace that rivals the one she kept as a teen gymnast.

Since 2003, Wiggins, '82, has been a stalwart in fitness—a competition circuit in which contestants must shine in three events: presenting a brief inspirational speech in an evening gown, showing a stunningly toned physique in bikini and heels, and performing an exercise routine that could make a Marine recruit flinch. Unlike female bodybuilding competitions, the emphasis is on flexibility, strength and grace, not muscularity per se. Among the sport's oldest competitors, Wiggins is also among its best, consistently finishing among the top 15 who win cash or other prizes. In September she placed 13th (among 41 qualifiers) in the Ms. Fitness USA contest and third in the International Flex Appeal contest.

Wiggins moved to Las Vegas nearly 11 years ago with her husband, Carl Allen, an obstetrician and gynecologist; and their sons, Marcus and Malcolm. The couple created a hard-charging life in which they sought balance between their professional lives and family time.

Wiggins earned her MD at Washington University in St. Louis, where she met Allen, and then went to Swainsboro, in southern Georgia. On her first day on the job as a pediatrician, someone in the hospital nursery spotted her and asked, “Who's that little colored girl going up the stairs?” Wiggins told her husband, “'Carl, I know we won't be here very long. I can't raise my children in this kind of atmosphere.'” Searching for a place to put down roots, the Allens sought “a city close to California where the real estate was cheap.” In Las Vegas, they built a house that included an exercise room equipped with a treadmill, an elliptical trainer and a stationary bike. One night, lying in bed watching TV, Wiggins saw a fitness contest on Fox Sports. “I said to Carl, 'You know, I can do that!'”

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Healthy Habits: Dr. Trina Wiggins ‘My patients are my inspiration to keep on going’

Dr. Wiggins currently works for Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada and provides health care to uninsured children 

What is your hobby/sport?

Fitness — comprising dance, strength and flexibility. It allows me to use my creativity to come up with a theme, music, costume, dance and tumbling passes. More importantly, I enjoy performing to inspire and motivate others to pursue their athletic passion. I've been doing it for 13 years.

What are the health benefits to your fitness regimen?

Pediatrician Trina Wiggins' Healthy Habits Pediatrician Trina Wiggins, 55, practices a leg-over-arm pushup in preparation for a Ms. Fitness competition while training at her local YMCA in Las Vegas June 24, 2016.Launch slideshow » Weight maintenance, endurance, flexibility and strength.

What gear is essential?
Wrist guards and a large dance floor. What tips do you have when you’ve “hit the wall” and need motivation to continue?

What tips do you have when you’ve “hit the wall” and need motivation to continue?

I keep pictures of myself throughout my house showing strength and flexibility moves. Having a daily visual of me at top peak condition gives me motivation. I consider myself a role model for children and the younger generation. I have to walk the walk and talk the talk. My patients are my inspiration to keep on going.

What are the health risks you keep an eye out for?

I have to keep a close eye on my knees. I have had three knee surgeries and I have osteoarthritis.

What else would you like to try?

I'm interested in trying aerial silks.

What’s the best diet/nutrition advice you ever received?

Eat a predominant plant-based diet rich in phytochemicals including the superfoods — dark green leafy vegetables, orange fruit, whole grains, berries and vegetables.

What’s your guilty-pleasure food?
Lenny and Larry’s Complete Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie.

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Eggplant sandwich on multigrain bread, superfood salad with quinoa added with oil-free pomegranate dressing.

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